Tom’s Japanese Residency

Tom’s Japanese Residency
September 18, 2018 Tom

I have an invitation for an artists residency in Kitaibaraki prefecture in Japan, the residency will last a month. The program has been created by Norio and Chifumi Ishiwata, two artists and friends I met in Barcelona. There will be opportunities to meet local aritists and to travel to Tokyo. My intention will be to investigate Raku and Japanese wood block printing. I will be post work home.

The money will be spent on travel to and from Japan
Materials: clay, glazes and firing, woodblock and cutting tools, paper
Sending art home / Travel within Japan

I have been working as an Artist for over 20 years and have travelled extensively in Europe. This is the most exciting trip I have been on Рthe first time I have had the chance to go to Asia. I am sure this opportunity will enrich my art, and I am very excited to experience a different culture. I will make it as creatively productive as I can.

I am crowdfunding as I think this is an exciting project. I will reward funders with my art. I am very busy between now and leaving doing two exhibitions, two performances – I will also be doing some commissions and possibly busking.

Thank you very much for helping me make an exciting project a reality. Here are some examples of the type of drawings that will be rewards.