Photo credit: Juna Photography


Tom Campbell was born in south west Scotland and grew up in a rural area. From an early age Tom displayed a passion for art, and as a teenager he was allowed to paint his bedroom walls. Although Tom's work is mainly in 'visual art' he has also done some performance art and enjoys music and circus. Much of his art is inspired by circus.

Tom is open to collaboration and has worked with Rob Ireson and collaborated in making a full size papier mache horse. Tom is also interested in community art and has worked as a facilitator for various groups. This is a great way for an artist to share his skills and hopefully empower people. Tom has also lived and travelled in France and Italy doing much of the travelling by bicycle, a very inspiring way to go.Tom enjoys learning languages and has a good level of spoken Italian and French and basic Spanish. Tom trys to be environmentally conscious and has been involved with various campaign groups including Shell To Sea and Critical Mass.