Some more information about me…

Some more information about me…
September 24, 2018 Tom

I have been passionate about art since childhood, I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged this and let me paint my bedroom walls, so from an early age, I wanted to be an artist. I enjoy being an artist but don’t see it as something ‘special’ if you work at it, and make drawings
then you are an artist. People say art is a gift, this is probably true, but for me, any ‘results’ I have in drawing have come through a lot of work, and I would encourage anyone to draw, it’s fun. I think an artist should be humble and always strive to make ‘better work’, I also feel that an artist who sees their labours as more worthy than that of other members of society is somehow missing the point. Picasso said that ‘painting is an act of war’. I like the passion in this statement, but I think art is an act of love and peace, an act that can unite and inspire, unlike the destructive results of war. I think the creativity of everyone is important and as a society, we would be transformed if the arts were given more importance. If I can share my skills with others then this is good, this is part of my practice. I don’t believe in trade secrets. I view other artists as comrades rather than competitors – we’re in the same boat. As an artist, I am open to all forms, from music to poetry to circus, though my bread and butter is, and probably always will be, visual art. I am not so interested in talking about the work I have made, I would prefer to concentrate on the work I will make. this is a lot more interesting. I will be an artist till I die, and when I’m dead my art will still be there, but I won’t care I’ll be dead,
but hopefully, I will help the flowers grow.

Without the artist, there would be no collector, nor gallery………… But art is more important than the artist, and everyone can make art it is no big deal. Long live creativity, the creative spirit that give humanity hope, empowers, transforms, inspires and feeds its self on love and peace.

Statements I like:

”Art is not a mirror to reflect reality but a hammer in which to shape it.
– Bertolt Brecht

‘The earth is made of earth and I like that stuff.”’
– Adrian Mitchell, Poet

About me: 

Tom Campbell is an artist and performer born in Dumfries South west Scotland but now resident in Cork city for over 10 years. He has lived in France Spain and Italy and intends to travel to south America in the future. He is a prolific drawer and studied sculpture. Tom has a special interest in Papier Mache and was the instigator of the Dog project which was a project that has facilitated the making of over 300 life sized papier-mâché dogs. He has an interest in Community arts and has worked with children, teenagers and special needs, Tom hopes to do more Community art. His work has been collected nationally and Internationally , Including with the office of public works and Crawford Art gallery.

Tom also works as a clown both on the streets and doing one man shows, his circus skills include unicycle, walking on hands, juggling.